With some resellers, you may need to send physical proof of vouchers. Redeam has an added feature in our reporting that allows you to Export with all Vouchers. Please note that this feature is only available if you photograph (aka capture) vouchers on your Redeam device. These photographed vouchers are then entered into our system and will display in your redeemed report with the added ability to download the images associated with these entries. Vouchers or passes that are scanned will not have an image associated with them and therefore cannot be downloaded. 

To access this report, login to your Redeam account. Next, select Reports > Redeemed:

Enter the date range for which you'd like to see all redemptions:

If needed, you may filter your results by reseller, by entering the reseller in the Reseller Name field. Otherwise, leave blank and the system will return all voucher images for the date range entered:

Select Export > Export with all Vouchers:

Enter your email address in the dialog that prompt > Select Generate Report:

The system will then send you a link to download the PDF file containing all voucher images for the date range / reseller combination you selected. 

Click on the link Download PDF to be directed to a downloadable PDF file. 

Please note that, depending on the number of images and file size, this report may take up to 30 minutes to load. For extremely large files, our system will generate multiple PDF's in the same email, all of which you can then download.