For easier reference, we have listed the reports below in order of functionality and relevance. 

Redeemed Report

The Redeemed report gives you a comprehensive overview of all successfully scanned and redeemed passes/tickets over the filtered date range. It includes the relevant pass information, reseller details and redemption agent (Operator ID) who scanned the pass. 

  • Select Export > CSV or Excel to download this report and further analyze the information

Shift Report

The Shift Report is an excellent tool to quickly reference the activity for each operator or agent. Like the Redeemed Report the Shift Summary will display all successfully scanned and redeemed passes/tickets over the filtered date range. In this case, though, it automatically sorts the scans by the operator ID that scanned the pass. This is especially helpful for tracking and reconciling if you have multiple agents, with their own operator ID's. 

  • Select the date range of shift summaries you would like to view
  • Note how this account has two agents: agent and redeam. They both worked on Feb-21-2018 and have shifts to view. 
  • For reporting purposes, our "shifts" are one calendar day. If an agent logs out of their account to take a break, and then comes back, their shift will continue where they left off and will not start a new one. 

  • Select View Shift
  • You will see a Summary on the top half of the screen. Included in this summary is a grid of:
    • List of Resellers that the agent scanned passes for
    • Total Vouchers scanned: This is the number of actual passes/tickets that were scanned. 
    • Total Tickets associated with these vouchers. In the case of Sightseeing Pass and Twin America, their passes are 1 pass/person so the voucher number will be the same as the ticket number. 
    • Adult/Child/Other Tickets: To further breakout the number of tickets, our system then categorizes the tickets based on traveler type  
  • The lower portion of the screen provides a detailed summary of each time stamped scan, starting with the most recent scan first.
  • Select Return to Summary to navigate back to the Shift Summary to select another shift to review.
  • Select Export > CSV or Excel to download.

Reseller Invoices

Reseller Invoices offer yet another way to view your redemptions. This time, filtering by Reseller Name, and providing a summary tablet followed by a detailed summary for your supporting documentation. 

  • Select the date range for the invoice you'd like to view
  • Select the Reseller Name
  • To download, select Export > CSV or Excel

All Vouchers

All Vouchers provides you with a complete chronological list of all your captured vouchers for a selected date range. Newly captured vouchers that have not yet been processed will appear bright green and starred until they have been transcribed. The tracker at the top of the report shows you how many vouchers remain unprocessed, how many vouchers have been rejected, and how many have been properly transcribed.

By clicking into the new capture, you can see the image and all transcribed information.

Voucher Exceptions

The Voucher Exceptions report provides you with a list of all your rejected voucher captures. Vouchers are rejected for a few reasons, the two most common being unreadable, blurry photographs, and not photographing the actual voucher to be transcribed. 

Reseller Ticket Volume

Reseller Ticket Volume provides you with a quick snapshot of the total ticket redemption activity for each reseller, ranked from highest to lowest over the filtered date range. 

Reseller Dollar Volume

Similarly, Reseller Dollar Volume provides you with a ranked list of the dollar volume redeemed by each reseller over the filtered date range. 

Expected Arrivals

If you work with Twin America/Sightseeing Pass in Washington, DC or New York City, click here for important information regarding your Sightseeing Pass/Twin America reporting.