Once you've started scanning, you will immediately be able to see detailed records of these scans in our Redeam web portal. Our web portal provides several different downloadable report formats that allow you to visualize your data differently. 

If you have not already received your login, please contact us at support@redeam.com and we will send you your specific login credentials. We can create as many users as you need for supervisors, accounting personnel and anyone else who will benefit from this back-end access. 


Our portal is optimized for Google Chrome. We recommend it to access the portal for the best user experience. 


We are currently optimizing our Redeam Dashboard, so you will not see anything populated here. It is not broken or missing, but will be something that we will offer in the near future. In the meantime, navigate to your reports from the dashboard. 

Manage Business

Similar to the Dashboard, we are currently optimizing the business functions for you to manage your own account, including products and pricing, in the future. For now, though, our team at Redeam manages this information. As such, you will not be able to edit anything in the Manage Business section. 


There are eight different reporting views in the Redeam web portal. Each report offers a different way to visualize your data, but all reports reflect the same core information. 

  • Select Reports from the left-hand sidebar

  • You will then see a sidebar menu of all reports currently available. You can click on any of the reports from the side bar to view their default content 

  • Click here to view more details explaining our Reports.