The tablet is setup to return specific responses that indicate the validity of the pass you are scanning. If the tablet returns a negative response, like Invalid Pass: Used or Expired, this does not indicate an error on the tablet, but rather acknowledges that the pass itself is not valid. Either it has been used up already, or has expired. 

Regardless, Sightseeing Pass and Redeam understand that you want to provide the best customer experience, while also ensuring that you get paid for the customer. Below is an operational guide provided by Sightseeing Pass for you to follow when you encounter a pass that returns a message besides Pass Valid.

Scenario #1: Tablet reads "expired"

This is not an error message. This is a correct response for expired passes.  They are not entitled to entry.  If guest disagrees that their pass has expired, please direct them to call Sightseeing at 1-844-400-7277 and they will assist them.

Scenario #2: Tablet indicates this pass has been used its maximum number of attractions

This is not an error message.  This is a correct response for passes that have used up their allotted number of visits.  They are not entitled to entry.  If guest disagrees, please direct then to call Sightseeing Pass at 1-844-400-7277 and they will assist them.

Scenario #3: Tablet rejects the scan with any other error message

  1. Please document the pass number, then please allow guest admission to your attraction. (you can snap a picture to capture the number)
  2. Please advise guest that their Pass seems to be malfunctioning, and they may wish to contact our call center at 1-844-400-7277 before their next visit to have the problem corrected
  3. At some point that day, PLEASE email these pass numbers to and Sightseeing Pass will manually record the redemption in their system to ensure you receive payment for this visit.
  4. Please note – if you receive multiple consecutive error messages, there may be a problem with your tablet.  Please call 1-720-410-9995 and Redeam will trouble shoot the problem on the spot for you.

To understand the different tablet messages, and what they mean, click here