Scan vs. Capture

When scanning vouchers, you are validating against another database in real time. This will immediately return a response on the tablet verifying if the voucher is valid or not. Voucher Capture is our service that transcribes vouchers. By taking a photo of the voucher, our technology will transcribe the information for you and digitize it for easy reconciliation with your various resellers.


There are two methods of scanning vouchers, Scan and Manual Entry. To Scan, simply focus the device on the Barcode or QR-code present on the voucher. The device will automatically recognize the barcode and focus to scan. A white box will appear around the code as the tablet reads the information. 

To manually enter the voucher information simply tap the keyboard icon on the bottom lefthand side of the screen and type in the Voucher ID located on the voucher. 


To capture, simply open up the Scan and Capture screen and focus the camera on the voucher you are capturing. Once focused, tap the camera icon and it will automatically send this photo through our transcription service. Not all clients are eligible for Voucher Capture, if you are interested in adding Capture, please contact

Click HERE for a list of our scannable vouchers.